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Testimonials from our customers and wellness advocates are central to our mission 'To make a difference in the lives of others' Not only does it warm our hearts but it also builds trust & credibility whilst providing social proof. Below you will a combination of testimonials in different formats.

Ali Thomas - Replaces her job income with doTERRA and hands in her notice! 

Here is a wonderful 9-minute testimonial from Ali Thomas shared with us on team call. Ali is sharing how she got started in doTERRA and how she has now been able to walk away from her job as a Learning Coordinator having replaced her income!  


This is beautiful story of a mother’s love, as her daughter has special needs and Ali’s primary goal was to always to be available, working from home.

Debra Williams - How the oils saved the life of her beloved horse

Here is a wonderful testimonial from Debra, shared with us on team call. Debra explains the health challenges and protocols she used to help her very unwell horse with incredible results! 


This is wonderful story, it's also testimony to never giving up! 

Glen Hadgraft - Why I joined doTERRA as a business - 2 weeks in, great start!

Here is a great testimonial from Glen, he talks about the comparison between another opportunity and his frustration and why he joined doTERRA.


He talks about our team systems and how amazing they are - how he is loving them - and his results in just 2 weeks! WOW!! 

Jan Alexander - Products and business testimonial 

Here is a great testimonial from Jan, she talks about why she joined doTERRA, the products she has been using with great success. 


Jan also talks about the confidence she has with our team systems and how things are going. It's lovely to hear her talk about pursuing her goal to emigrate to Australia to be with her family. 

Gaynor Mentiply - A midwife - who started a holistic health centre, now doing doTERRA and offering an Aromatherapy course for just £36 - sharing her success 

Gaynor shares with us her story, and how her pasion for holistic health has led her to doTERRA. Gaynor was the top enroller in March 2020 and talks about how her love and belief in the products makes it easy for her to promote!


Gaynor also talks about an Aromatherapy course that she offers for anyone that may be interested for arround £36. She can be contacted at:

Alison Thomas - Ajusting the plan amidst Corona Virus lockdown! Overcoming obstacles and getting the job done!  

Ali, shares with us how she has coped with running her doTERRA business around Corona Lock-down! Home schooling, looking after the special needs of her children, and growing her doTERRA business. Listen to how Ali does it...It's simply amazing and very inspiring.  

BBC Interiew on Health Watch Nature & Essential Oils:

Plantar Fasciitis Testimonial/protocol:

South African business growth - 3 testimonials

Here are 3 testimonials from  Christine Cronje Lee (PREMIER) & Melonie Gobel (PREMIER) & their upline Daleen Steyn (Gold)

It is a must watch 30 mins with excellent tips about what it takes. Please remember that they have only a fraction of the products that we have in the uk.

Paula Mills - Building an amazing global business - using the advertising pool

Paula used to run her own salon for 25 years, now she is building a global business in doTERRA. Paula converts 1 in 3 people who attend Zoom classes from the ad pool; if you want to build the business don't just watch this video, study it and commit to getting better and change your life as Paula is doing. 

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