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Calendly - Automatic meeting Scheduler

Calendly is an amazing tool that allows prospects to automatically book onto one of our 'Intro to Essential Oils Class' When they click on YOUR link it directs them to a calender that shows the set days and times that the classes run! They receive an automatic confirmation as do you that someone has booked onto a class! They will also receive an automatic reminder, this is one of the best, and most effective ways to look professional and be organised. It also shows the time as it will be in the prospects own TIME ZONE! 


If you purchase one of the Websites we promote in the team, it can have this scheduler embedded into the site! This is a MUST HAVE! This Scheduler works out at £8.00 in sterling per month, and you get a 14 day free trial. 

This is a GREAT stand alone tool, It can be used in many different applications! Text, Messenger, WhatsApp Email etc. It’s so professional, makes life so much easier..



Click to View - PLEASE DONT MAKE A BOOKING as I will think it's a Prospect! 


Video Tutorial - How to Set up Calendly 

Calendly Presentation slides - you will need to download these to access the templates to set up the class links and automated emails a prospect will receive. Work close with your enroller who will help you to set this up correctly.

Date Conflicts with Calendly

Here is a brief video tutorial that may help you if you are experiencing conflicts with dates when you are running more than one event! 

Video Tutorial - Calendly Pro


How it can be used to create a sequence of emails to better keep in touch with people who book onto the Oils Classes! 

1- An automated email at booking and a redirection to a landing page with more info on

2- A reminder 24 hours before the class and then again at 1 hr

3- An email 30 mins after the class! Saying Rebook if the missed the class, or chat if they attended!

4- An email 1 day after the class finished giving them a free eBook

5- An email 3 days after the class finshes allowing them to see customer testimonials etc..

6- A series of other emails that add value about doTERRA over the space of 10 days!

These emails are ALL AUTOMATED through Calendly and the Pro upgrade... It will help you to be MUCH more efficient in maximising the opportunity with each lead you receive!

See AN OVERVIEW of how this can be achieved in the video below: 

Creating a calendly WORKFLOW - a step by step guide video, also the slides I used in the creating are below for your convenience. 
Creating a calendly WORKFLOW - the document used in the above video:
Thanks For Booking Website: Here is a great team website you can use to send to people who have booked onto a class or to encourage them to do so!
thanks for booking image.jpg
WHY attend a class -  online document: You can send this to people to encourage them to book!
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