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New Member Induction - STEP by STEP! 

This is a NEW Members NEXT STEP. Whether you are simply interested in being a customer or building a doTERRA business, this induction will provide you with valuable information to support you on your essential oils journey. PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS and then let your enroller know when you have completed them. They will then arrange the next step following this induction. 

A beautiful video about how doTERRA was founded. 

Four people had an idea, an idea that would come to impact millions of people's lives around the world.  Just incredible!

This is a great video to watch so you can truly appreciate the company you are part of!

Ok let's get you started...follow the steps below!

STEP 1: Watch the New Member Induction video

The video is just 15 mins and provides ESSENTIAL getting started information.

Then look through the slides used in the video to ACCESS the information on the clickable links!


STEP 2 : Print off, download, or save Induction 'to-do' list - record your progress

STEP 3 : Watch this 3 min video about our Loyalty Reward Program - Get products for FREE!

STEP 4 : Watch this brief video from a Pharmacist about our amazing Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV)

This is doTERRA's number 1 best selling product supporting health and wellbeing. 

STEP 5 : Your Wellness Consultation! 

You will love this resource! What would you like to find out more about to support you and your families health? Have a browse and your sponsor will go through this with you in more detail.  

CLICK ON THE IMAGE below to learn more! 

The person who sponsored you into doTERRA will also go through this with you as part of a structured NEXT step! Our members really value this resource! 

WC image.jpg

Step 6: If you want to build a business with doTERRA you MUST watch this video: 


Ok, if you have now completed steps 1 to 4 and browsed through the Wellness Consultation site in Step 5 -  the NEXT STEP is to have a ONE-ON-ONE zoom call with your sponsor who will: 

1 - Review this induction with you, answer any questions

2- Show you around your doTERRA back office

3- Go through the Wellness Consultation with you ( Step 5) 

4 - Help you set up your Loyalty Reward Template (increase your discounts on future orders) 

5 - Agree the next steps depending upon what you want from doTERRA


PS, Other information we feel new members will benefit from watching at your leisure!  

Just click on the image below: 

other essential viewing.jpg
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