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Targeted Facebook Advertising

Facebook Targeted advertising is a very important strategy that we adopt as a team to find and enrol people from all over the world. It enables us to select an “Ideal audience “ which Facebook  will expose our adverts  to.


This is an ideal way to generate prospect or customer  enquiries to help you to build your business. It is the most effective way to attract people to doTERRA who are naturally aligned to our offering! It's also the most cost effective way to consistently do so!  

facebook ad example.jpg

What a Prospect sees when they click on your advert! 

Here we have an advert that directs people to a basic website with an automated scheduler so they can book onto one of our online classes! We can help you to do the same! 

Before you step into paid advertising, there are some

things you need to be aware of!

Advertising Expectations

Here is an ESSENTIAL video tutorial that will greatly assist you in understanding the SYSTEMATIC approach we have when running adverts. 


You will learn what is normal and what to expect when you step into paid advertising.


Advertising WARNING! on Facebook

Before you set up any advert it is really IMPORTANT to click on the WARNING TRIANGLE to be aware of what is allowable and what is not! Facebook are very wary of adverts that may breach their advertising policy. PLEASE be aware of how to avoid having your account disabled! You really need need to read their terms. This is just to draw your attention to them! 

warning triangel.jpg

Creating a Targeted Audience Advert on Facebook

Lead Generation Ad: This type of advert is very clever, it allows you a functionality where you can attach a 'facebook form' which actually captures the prospects contact details automatically making it  very easy for them to submit their contact details to you.


This type of ad puts you in control as you can simply pick up the phone and call them, text them, or whatsapp them to arrange a time to speak live. We have a system that sits alongside this that provides an overall effective way of dealing with prospect enquiries. This is the type of ad that we run for the Team Adpool. 

Creating a Facebook Form and Targeted Advert of Facebook

Here is an ESSENTIAL video tutorial that provides a STEP by STEP guide to setting up your advert. 

You can also access the slides used in the presentation below. 

Here are the slides used in creating the video tutorial, creating a facebook Advert

Once in a life time opportunity! 

In this video Neil talkes about the amazing opportunity we all have using Targeted Advertising, and how we can change our lives with doTERRA utilizing this strategy!  


The Team advertising pool is mentioned which is a done for you lead machine! However this entire page is dedicated to showing you how you can also generate leads yourself, i.e. develop the skills to run these ads and be in control.    

Team Systems: Step by Step Process

Zoom Class Reminder Audio:

How to download Zoom - 3 min video to send to prospects:

Email & WhatsApp Templates to use with your prospects:

Interesting stats about following up with prospect leads:

Neil - Basic Phone Script as demonstrated at Stratford Workshop:

Connecting Facebook to HUBSPOT CRM so your facebook leads go straight into hubspot:

Using a Facebook Form!

In this tutorial we explain what a Facebook Form is, how it assists you when running a Targeted Advert. 


Using a Facebook form is a great way to CAPTURE a prospects contact details - adds more value and speeds up the process! 

Creating a GOOGLE Form!

In this tutorial we explain what a Google Form is, how it can assist you when dealing with prospect enquiries. 


Using a Google form is a great way to gather information from your prospect to help you progressing their enquiry 

Here is my google form, it's the one used in the video tutorial for a reference: Please DO NOT submit your details.

Facebook Support from a real person!

Sometimes we can find that our Advertising account can be disabled by facebook for what appears to be no reason whatsover! This is how you can reach out to them to get help in getting it reinstated. 

This video shows other support topics that you may need help with. 

How to find your personal 'zoom room link' and access some basic functionality 

Here is a video tutorial on how to find your OWN ID link having downloaded zoom to be able to create your own zoom meeting! This is essential for you being able to follow up with your prospects, and supporting your team. 

Always Be Closing! - how to improve your enrollment ratios following up after a class!

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