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Promotional Videos you can send to your prospects! 


There are some amazing short videos that you can use to send to your prospects at different times! Creating a pipeline of information that keeps people enageged and interested until the time is right for them to join us is always a great idea!

Validation of Purity - Dr Hill

Why doTERRA is Different!

Growth in Europe

Kids Collection

Yoga Collection

Co-Impact Sourcing

doTERRA Performance!

A Doctors journey in doTERRA

doTERRA HQ Creation! 

Pursue whats Pure!

doTERRA Live an Empowered Life!

Critical Care Nurse Embraces doTERRA

The Impact of doTERRA EO on our blood cells!

doTERRA a company you can put your heart into!

10 years of doTERRA Essential Oils 

All NEW doTERRA Baby Collection - Safe and Natural Way to Care for Your Baby

doTERRA a life changing opportunity by Jessie!

The GAMECHANGER in Network Marketing!

if you are trying to interest someone who is in Network Marketing and you want to show them how amazzing our systems are send them this! 

doTERRA Certification in essential oils course

How to validate the purity of doTERRA essential oils

Daleen Steyn - building a business in South Africa!

Persistence & Progress

doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

How doTERRA was founded

doTERRA on Fox TV 

doTERRA lifestyles!  

Michelin Chef cooks with doTERRA Oils 

Natural Solutions Revolution! 

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