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Training & Events

Here we have a selection of valuable training material that we have shared with the team over a period of time. Some are powerpoint presentations, some are taken from live team zooms and some are recordings from live events! Not in any particular order. The more you learn the more you will earn! 

Here is a live training done by Neil demonstrating the systematic process of calling up prospects. Included are live roll play conversations, completely unprepared!  


Neil is a master at the phonecall. You will pick up lots of essential tips. 

Workshop Training - Live - LEAD GENERATION! 

Here is a live training done by Pete, talking about the hugely important subject; LEAD GENERATION! This is a comprehensive subject however you will get huge value from this training as we hone in on the key areas areas! 

Using WhatsApp - Aly Thomas - Workshop Live Training -  

Here is a live training done by Aly talking about how she uses WhatsApp very successfully! 

You will pick up some great ideas! Listen out for the audio she sends prospects! 

Neil - Basic Phone Script as demonstrated at Stratford Workshop:

Employ Yourself - Self Assessing!   - Pete Rea - Live Training   

Here is a live training done by Pete talking about how to Self Assess! How good are you at the steps within the process to build a doTERRA business? He talks about Empoying yourself! Very Interesting training!  

doTERRA Educational PODCASTS! 


Here is a series of educational podcasts to enable you to grow your knowledge! 

  • Oils & Pregnancy 

  • Digestive Health

  • Daily Habits 

  • Oils and Pets! 

  • Natural Selfcare

  • Natural Cleaning Solutions

  • Why use essential oils internally

  • Emotional Health 

  • Natural Laundry solutions

  • So much more... click the image to view



doTERRA Certification - essential oils 

dōTERRA® Essential Oil Specialist Certification An affordable, online certification program from a source you can trust!

Watch video and here is a link to the page to find out even more and SIGN UP for the course

Confidently talking about earning an income in doTERRA

How to confidently talk about earning an income with doTERRA. Be clear on what you are offering people, it's all about PERSPECTIVE! 

Pivotal parts to the compensation plan - 3 steps to SUCCESS

This 30 minute live training will give you great insight to becoming really successful in doTERRA. YOU CAN DO IT! lots of others are! 

Tracking Your RANK and POWER OF 3 before commission run!

This 5 minute video shows you how to make sure that you have maintained your RANK and Power of 3 status. This is incase any returns get made before commission run on the 15th of the following month which can effect what yiou get paid! 

Dr Hill - Chief Medical Officer talks about the usage of Essential OIls 

Everyone starting out with Essential Oils should watch this video. It's an interview with doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer talking about the different ways oils can be used safely. 

How to run an OFFLINE LIVE Essential Oils Class - Rebecca Bowles

This Training is given by Rebecca Bowles who is a Presidential Diamond. Rebecca and Nathan have grown a global business by working OFFLINE and getting good at running OFFLINE LIVE classes. Here is a GREAT training on how to do one and how to be fully prepared. 

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