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Documents - miscellaneous


This section contains many different documents that will help and support you in doTERRA. They are not in any particular order, however you will find that after the initial loading up of documents that the more recent additions will be at the bottom of the page as it's easier to add new documents this way.  You will be able to view online, download and print if required.  

Commission Direct Deposit Form - South Africa:

Commission Direct Deposit Form - UK/Europe:

doTERRA Essentials Product Brochure:

Why New Member NEED to attend an Induction Class:

Why getting a prospect onto an OIL CLASS is ESSENTIAL:

Accessing Leads from your Ad Manager on Facebook:

The difference between an Enroller and a Sponsor:

History of Essential Oils - Facinating read:

When the different commissions get paid:

Essential Oils DIY booklet - to print off:

Learning the lingo! Get familiar with PV - LRP - OV etc:

If someone thinks our oils are expensive - a good reply

Interesting stats about following up with prospect leads:

The difference between an Enroller and a Sponsor!

South Africa - letter of intent COUNTRY FOUNDERS

The Pillars of our AMAZING Team Systems

Step by Step Flow chart of our Team Systems

Team System Pillars & Flow chart combined doc

Live Long VITALITY PACK - doTERRA's number 1 Healthcare product

Various Essential Oils Ebooks and Audios:

Always Be Closing! - how to improve your enrollment ratios following up after a class!

Essential Oils for pets safety - Janet Roark - essential vet:

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