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Team Facebook Groups – These are our communities where we share information - tips advice - guidance - what’s going on etc. It really does make you feel part of something special.  We have a number of different groups that we use in different ways! 

doTERRA Sharers Worldwide – This is our teams PRIMARY Facebook group. This is where we WELCOME new members, customers and wellness advocates. We share great information DAILY about our amazing products - customer testimonials etc. You can ask questions other members will be happy to help. It's a great group that will provide you with information and inspiration. 


Essential Gifts of the Earth – This group is Ran by Becky Bowles, we are all part of her overall team. You can continue your education for FREE, there are thousands of members in this group with a wealth of experience with oils. 


Business Progression Group – This is the group where we help and support Wellness Advocates who are building a doTERRA business. We also Recognise the achievements of those advancing in their doTERRA business.


It's a very EXCITING group to be a member of as we have people who are changing their lives by building a doTERRA business. Having a dedicated group allows us to share relevant information accordingly.  


We have a criterior that when met will allow you access to this group. 




  1. An LRP order of 100pv set up and maintained.

  2. Investing in their own advertising campaign, OR.. point 3, or 4.

  3. Investing in the adpool, or..

  4. Actively enrolling people on starter kits and have done so with a  minimum of 3 people during the last 6 months.

  5. Are familiar with our team systems and following them accordingly i.e: Inviting prospects on  Intro Classes - New Member Inductions - Business Strategy Sessions and attending our weekly team webinars. 

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