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Sharing doTERRA with others to build a business

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Business Overview - Please watch this 16 minute video which explains ESSENTIAL INFORMATION about your EXCITING new adventure in doTERRA as part of our team!

*Amendment: We no longer do the classes everyday so check with your sponsor which days we do them! 



Watch the 30 minute DEMO VIDEO BELOW

Ask your sponsor for their link to get this platform!

Be clear on what YOU are offering to people!

Please watch this 4 minute video so that you fully appreciate the gift of what you are offering to the people! 


Our oils a provide a natural alternative to help and support health. This video provides a great explanation on what oils are and how they work within the body, and what is special about doTERRA oils.


In addition to the amazing health benefits we are also offering people an opportunity for FINANCIAL HEALING! doTERRA changes lives! 

When you truly believe in what your are offering people you do so with enthuisam and conviction and that's why people will join you! 

Launch Your doTERRA Business

Now it's time to get busy! 

Please remember the person who invited you here will be working closely with you, so you are not alone. We encourage lots of regular communication with them so they can help you to action some of the steps in this launch guide. They have much experience in doTERRA and have helped many others to do what you are about to do! 

The opportunity is VERY EXCITING, and we are ready to help you to achieve your goals and aspirations! 

Let's do this! Start working your way through the information and follow the STEP by STEP guide below!  

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Time to tell the world about doTERRA!

There is a lot of activity and excitement going on right now about doTERRA.  The reality is that your contacts probably don't even know that you have joined us!


Your family - friends and colleagues could be very interested in finding out more about essential oils or how they could earn an income working from home with us, and someone else in doTERRA may well be chatting to them right now!


You don't want your contacts to join someone else, you want them to join YOU!  If they do join someone else we will not be able to move them into your team, so lets make sure if they are going to join that they JOIN YOU!  

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Put a post out on social media letting people know you are with doTERRA!


So for example on Facebook - LINE - Instagram - Linkedin etc...

This sets your intention for what you are going to do NEXT!


You may get some people replying back to you, or commenting on your post wanting more information! If so just let your point of contact know and they will guide you on what to say and do until you become more confident.


The objective is of course to invite them onto an online intro class as you did! This is the MOST effective way to showcase doTERRA that provides the best results!  

Here is 'Launch on Social Media' template you can use to help

launchyour business.jpg



Inviting people to take a look at doTERRA is the first step to changing lives! 

This next step requires you to sit down with a 'Memory Jogger' and start making a list of people you would like to REACH OUT TO! In step 3 we will look at what you can send them, but for now let's just focus on creating your "100 list' 


  • If you could do business with anyone who would it be? 


  • Who do you know who needs doTERRA? 


  • Who do you know who is open to natural healthcare? 

Here is a 'Memory Jogger' to help you, print it off and start making your list!  




Now that you have Launched on Social Media, created your 100 list, NOW it's time to reach out to them individually!


Remember you are doing them a favour! doTERRA changes lives...let's make them aware of this great opportunity


Whether your contact is a 'potential customer' or someone like you who sees an opportunity to make a difference, build a business, secure their  financial future, LET THEM DECIDE! So please don't pre-judge, send them a message!


The worst case scenario, if they are not interested you have lost NOTHING! At least you have offered! 


Here is a message template you can use:  

Loyalty Reward Program

Just a REMINDER Video on how you MAXIMISE your membership - RECEIVE FREE PRODUCTS

and EARN commissions!

doterra range.png

'Loyalty Reward Program ' at a Glance!

LRP new image.jpg
LRP tips.jpg

Network Marketing & doTERRA

doTERRA is the GLOBAL LEADING ESSENTIAL OILS Company, we are also one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in the world! 


Network Marketing is a business, and like any business you need to learn more about it and get good at it if you want to be successful.   


Network Marketing is a 180 BILLION a year Industry, to give you an idea of scale, it is bigger than the MOVIE Industry! It is growing at a phenomenal rate as more and more people want to work from home, escape the rat race, take control of their lives financially! Network Marketing has helped more people to become free than any other profession because of the way it works! You have a life-changing opportunity in the palm of our hands, let us show you how to maximise it!  


To build an income with doTERRA you need to promote our amazing oils and our life-changing opportunity! When people join you they also have the same opportunity to share with others, this grows your doTERRA business and you get paid commissions on the overall organisational volume down through many levels. This leverages your time, and eventually your income becomes independent of your own efforts! This is called a PASSIVE INCOME or a residual income, this is how many people in doTERRA are able to achieve not only financial freedom but time freedom! Why not you? 

In business for yourself but not by yourself
Watch this 3 minute video

This is the FIRST book we recommend you read
This is an ABSOLUTE MUST! Watch this 2 minute video

Compensation Plan Video 

5 different ways to Earn Money with doTERRA

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