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Approaching Therapists/Holistic Practitioners


Reaching out to Therapists, Holistic Practitioners, Salon owners etc is a great way to find high calibre people to join your doTERRA business. They are already business owners, entrepreneurs, people who are following their dreams! These are exactly the type of people we all want in our team! 


Please don't make the mistake of thinking they wouldn't be interested! We have many aromatherapist, reflexologists, salon owners, beauty therapists, doctors, and health professionals in the team.  They are naurally aligned with what we are offering, which will compliment their client offering! 


Maybe start with small one-person outfits, they may be struggling and looking for a new way to add value to their existing customers whilst increasing their income! We have an excellent strategy in place to help you to do this, it's easy and FREE! 

Targeting Business owners

Reach-Out Templates:


UK resource site/therapists:

WhatsApp message to a Salon Owner

A Salon owner attended a class, messaged me back saying she enjoyed the class, however thought the oils were expensive! I couldnt get to speak with her on the phone so I sent her this whatsapp message - I have also added a little bit at the front of the message for training purposes... hope you get some value from it.

Approaching Therapists - The changed market conditions post COVID 

Approaching Therapists and introducing doTERRA is a very smart idea and it's FREE. Think about this, these are people who have taken the step to run their own business, they are enterprising and understand all about committment, and following their dreams. doTERRA is a great way for them to add more value to their existing service, strengthen their business and increase their income! 

This training also reinforces how the changing market conditions as a result of COVID means they may well need doTERRA more than ever before as business owners need to reasses their position.  

Therapist Class - Calendy Set up/ WhatsApp etc

Therapist Class Presentation Slides (ONLY send to people you have spoken with after the class who are interested)

Therapist - WhatsApp  Sequence from a received lead

Therapist Phonecall - contact sheet

WHY we have stopped running the Therapist Class!

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