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Network Marketing

NWM has allowed more people to quit their jobs, work from home and find financial freedom and success than probably any other profession. We can promote our products and opportunity and those that join us can do the same, this increases your buisness and you can get paid commissions on your overall organisational volume down through many levels. This leverages your time, and eventually your income becomes independant of your own efforts! This is called a PASSIVE INCOME or a residual income, this is how people in NWM are able to achieve not only financial freedom but time freedom.


doTERRA is one of the fastest growing NWM compaines in the world, we all have a life-changing opportunity in the palm of our hands. NWM is a business, and like any business we need to learn more about it, understand it, and get good at it.  


In business for yourself but not by yourself! - What NWM is!

19 Reasons why you should take NWM very seriously!

The FIRST Book you should purchase to start learning about Network Marketing, here's why!

Feeling Frustrated with your Progress? Training Video:

Andy Nicoll - Why Network Marketing ? Creating an Asset !

Here is a great training from Andy who is an experienced Network Marketer. He is talking about why Network Marketing, how it enables us to build an asset, create a passive income to achieve time and financial freedom! 


Great Energy and passion shining through, a MUST watch. 

Debbie Donno - building her doTERRA business with INTENTION! 

Neil Young interviews Debbie Donno, you will gain so much insight from this great session. Debbie is very committed to building a successful business in doTERRA. What jumps out is her crystal focus, huge levels of determination, great energy, fantastic team support that she provides for her team. She has an excellent and consistent work ethic, understands the need to self develop, Success leaves clues, there are lots in this excellent interview! 

Neil Young - Understanding Placements - getting to PREMIER

Here is an excellent training on understanding the importance of placements, when you enrol someone into your organisation. Neil also covers creating the correct structure for success and getting to the 1st leadership level of PREMIER where you earn around £500 per month *approx

Pete Rea - The COMPENSATION PLAN - The HUGE REWARDS, Income example! 

Here is an excellent training on understanding the HUGE rewards that doTERRA's compensation plan can pay out! It is a very unique plan that pays out the most! This training is also very INSPIRING, in addition real examples of income are shared from humble beginings to WOW! 

Pete Rea - Rank Drop - Checking that a return doesn't effect you!

Fast-Start bonus is paid weekly but we get all other commissions due paid monthly and between the 15-20th of the following month i.e. Sept comms due 20th Oct!

If someone does a return between the 1st and 14th of the new month it can effect the Rank you hold and power of 3 and Rank you expect to get paid on! Here is a GREAT way to check.. I do this ALL the time, you need to be aware of it too!

Emily Wright, founding executive talks about LEADERSHIP! WOW!! 

THE most POWERFUL 4 minutes about LEADERSHIP and BUILDING an amazing doTERRA business YOU WILL EVER HEAR!

This is a MUST watch for EVERY person who wants to build a doTERRA business. This is WORLD CLASS! 

A PROFOUND message to YOU from Emily Wright doTERRA Founding Executive

OH my goodness.. is all i can say....a 3 minute message that could change your life!



Two FREE ebooks - ESSENTIAL reading to understand how to build a successful Network marketing business with doTERRA 

Eric Worre - GoPro - 7 Steps to becoming a Network Marketing Pro:  FREE ebook:

Dr Tom Barrett - Dare to Dream and Work to Win

FREE ebook:

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