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Network Marketing School - Weekly Trainings Sessions!

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Network Marketing is a business, and like any business you need to learn more about it and get good at it if you want to be successful!  


Network Marketing is a 180 BILLION a year Industry, to give you an idea of scale, it is bigger than the MOVIE Industry! It is growing at a phenomenal rate as more and more people want to work from home, escape the rat race, take control of their lives financially!


Network Marketing has helped more people to become free than any other profession because of the way it works! You have a life-changing opportunity in the palm of our hands, let us show you how to maximise it!  



To build an income with doTERRA you need to promote our amazing oils and our life-changing opportunity! When people join you they also have the same opportunity to share with others, this grows your doTERRA business and you get paid commissions on the overall organisational volume down through many levels.


This leverages your time, and eventually your income becomes independent of your own efforts! This is called a PASSIVE INCOME or a residual income, this is how many people in doTERRA are able to achieve not only financial freedom but time freedom! 

Every week on a Tuesday at 1pm UK time, I run a LIVE class where I select an area to coach the team on. This is only a 20 minute session, this is where the recordings are stored for you to refer back to or catch up on if you missed the session. 

How to Develop the Impossible to fail mindset

If you don’t Adopt the “ Impossible to Fail” Mindset you most likely will !! 

Here I GIVE you 2 x Strategies so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for YOU to FAIL

View time 23 minutes. 

The number 1 'Job' of a Professional Network Marketer

In this tutorial I share with you the NUMBER 1 'Job' of a Professional Network Marketer!


If you do not get good at this it will slow down the duplication process and the growth of your organisation!

View time 29 minutes. 

Psychology of 'closing' more prospects!

CLOSING is something that MANY people are really BAD at! (getting someone to go-ahead)


It’s ALSO the KEY to be able to ENROL ‘Higher Calibre’ prospects and build a LARGE organisation!


This training will help you massively!

View time 24 minutes. 

How to get Prospects to Like You and Join You!

What 'Master Prospectors' KNOW and DO naturally... and HOW you can do it too!!


This will Improve your ratio's of people joining you, and have people follow your guidance more easily!


This training will help you massively!

View time 28 minutes. 

The quickest and easiest way to gain more knowledge!

How to read an ENTIRE book in just 15 minutes or less.. here is a GREAT app you can use! 


This training will help you massively to gain more knowledge more quickly! 

View time 21 minutes. 

How to know you are in a slump and how to get out of it!

We are only human and can sometimes find ourselves in a SLUMP which steals away opportunity!


This training will help you to recognise the signs and show you how to get out of it! 

View time 30 minutes. 

How to go from rubbish to GREAT! 

How to go from RUBBISH to GREAT in Network Marketing! from Skint to ABUNDANCE! I will share a strategy that has been the key to my success so far, and you can EASILY copy this....

View time 19 minutes. 

The many reasons why people fail in Network Marketing!

Success leaves clues! Most people have not been involved in the Network Marketing Industry! It's very exciting, however their are some common fail points, here is a comprehensive overview of them! 

View time 29 minutes. 

How to EFFECTIVELY register a new member - FULL PROCESS

How to EFFECTIVELY register and new member, not just the admin part! The FULL process!


We have a simple and duplicable system you need to follow to be able to grow your business!

View time 26 mins


A step by step guide to doing a new member induction. This is one of the MOST important sessions you need to do.


This is what helps them to step forward confidently with their oils and in doTERRA and how to maximize their membership! You ability to get good at this will determine your growth and success! 

View time 39 mins - very detailed

Creating the WINNING mindset! 

SUMO!!!!  If you want to be successful you need to 'Think Differently' Here is a fabulous traing all about having the right perspective and developing a WINNING MINDSET! 

Change the victim T-Shirt, stop blaming someone else! Silence the Inner Critic, and much more! 


View time 31minutes

Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE! 

A great training all about developing your Social Media influence and branding,  The art of ATTRACTION! HOW YOU APPEAR TO OTHERS!

It's not just about the message, it's about the messenger! How to Attracting people to YOU - Having people LIKE YOU, having People wanting to be around YOU and follow YOU! 


View time 26 minutes

Supporting your Team members

A great training all about how to support your new team members. Registering a new member is just the start, now we have to help to bring them on! 

This is an ESSENTIAL training for all builoders to watch.  


View time 36 minutes

Making Better Business Decisions! 

A great training all about how to make better business decisions on a day to day basis that will help you to build your business! 


View time 34 minutes

How to RE-LIGHT the fire in YOU and your Team!

Helping your NEW BUILDER to LAUNCH their doTERRA Business

A great training all about how to get your NEW BUILDER off to a great start! Launching their doTERRA business EFFECTIVELY makes ALL the difference, here you will learn how to MAXIMISE RESULTS! 

View time 39 minutes

Ghosting - When a prospects ignores you! 

A great training to help you to understand what is normal, and what to do when a PROSPECT GHOSTS YOU.... i.e IGNORES YOU!

Here are some strategies to help you to MAXIMISE RESULTS! 

View time 32 minutes

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