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Team Advertising Pool

Team Advertising Pool: We have a great system where we engage the services of a Facebook Advertising Specialist. He manages our Team Advertising and Targets a specific Audience for us, i.e. Women between 25 and 50, Interested in Holistic Therapies, Essential Oils etc. You have the opportunity to join this advertising pool and receive regular prospect leads. If you are interested in stepping forward with this please let us know. 

The Team Ad pool gurantees you prospect enquiries! 

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To ACCESS the adpool and have all your questions answered simply click on the link below:

Ad Pool Overview - effectively following up with leads

Stepping Into Paid Adverting

An Essential  video tutorial that goes through the essential information you need to be aware of BEFORE you start adverting. 

Team Systems: Step by Step Process

Zoom Class Reminder Audio:

How to download Zoom - 3 min video to send to prospects:

Email & WhatsApp Templates to use with your prospects:

Interesting stats about following up with prospect leads:

Neil - Basic Phone Script as demonstrated at Stratford Workshop:

Creating a GOOGLE Form!

In this tutorial we explain what a Google Form is, how it can assist you when dealing with prospect enquiries. 


Using a Google form is a great way to gather information from your prospect to help you progressing their enquiry 

Here is my google form, it's the one used in the video tutorial for a reference: Please DO NOT submit your details.

Gergana Krestava - A great testimonial - using the advertising pool

Here is a great testimonial from Gergana, it is very inspiring. Her unshakeable belief and vision shine through. Gergana uses the advertising pool to generate enquiries to help her build her business. A must watch if you are wanting to progress in doTERRA, it will leave you feeing very motivated! 

Paula Mills - Building an amazing global business - using the advertising pool

Paula used to run her own salon for 25 years, now she is building a global business in doTERRA. Paula converts 1 in 3 people who attend Zoom classes from the ad pool; if you want to build the business don't just watch this video, study it and commit to getting better and change your life as Paula is doing. 

How to find your personal 'zoom room link' and access some basic functionality 

Here is a video tutorial on how to find your OWN ID link having downloaded zoom to be able to create your own zoom meeting! This is essential for you being able to follow up with your prospects, and supporting your team. 

Always Be Closing! - how to improve your enrollment ratios following up after a class!

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